Sunday, January 3, 2010

Baby it's cold outside

I hate to complain, but it is 6 degrees outside. 6 degrees people! I hate winter. You folks out in the sunnier states, I know you are grinning as I moan on. Seriously, we went to church this morning and I thought my face was going to crack from the bitterness of the cold. It is miserable. Then we had to go grocery shopping. It is too cold to do any of this.

What else is a girl to do but stay in and quilt??

Here are my quilt blocks for my Swanky Quilt Kit. All the blocks are done. I just need to sew them together. The colors are a bit subdued. The photography department here at DQ was having a bad time of things. There was a terrible glare from the sun/ and a bit shadey part. BUT, rest assured, this is the first I've seen the sun in days and I was not going to shut the curtains! At least it can look warm in here.

Look at this cute pincushion mom gifted me! I love it. All that cupcakey goodness....none of the calories! Sorry the photo is a bit blurry. I am just too lazy to go retake the photo though.
Sew on ladies, sew on.


Carol said...

Hi Kris, so sorry it's so cold there. Love your Swanky fabrics. Yeah, stay inside where it's warm.

Allie said...

Oh yes, it's that cold here too. Although I talked to my friend in Fargo yesterday and it was -33, so I really shouldn't complain!
Do keep those curtains open - mine are open too, it's so odd to see the sun, lol!
LOVE your Swanky Quilt fabrics...can't wait to see this one! That pincushion is too cute for words! Stay warm!

Kim said...

I have not been anywhere that cold in years. It's a good day to quilt and stay indoors. I love the cupcake pincushion.

Unknown said...

You are not complaining one bit in my mind. It is cold here too, bitterly cold. Howling winds all day and night. Yuck!! I am just like you, don't like winter too much. But I think that quilting is the perfect thing to do in this kind of weather! Sew on!!

Michelle said...

That's a cute cupcake! It's cold here too, about 31 with a mild wind...thank goodness for fleece.

Joan said...

Oh yes we have cold here to and a blizzard for two days. There was so much snow our mass was postponed unitl the afternoon so they could open the roads and the driveway. I love to quilt when there is a blizzard! I love your fabric nad pincushion

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Me too! FREEZING over here. So I know how you're feeling. The Swanky quilt is going to be just FAB! Can't wait to see it finished. And the pincushion... CUTE!! Happy 2010 to you!!!

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, those swanky blocks are Pretty! I'm with you -- it's too darn cold. I sure didn't want to go to work this morning!

Wendy P said...

Its cold everywhere! I miss summer every day now.

Most people don't believe it gets cold in Florida, but our highs all week will be just above 40 and in the high teens at night. That isn't as bad as 6 degrees, but it is bad enough!

Come on Summer!!!