Tuesday, December 29, 2009

CGQC January Goals

1. Finish the quilt top I recently started, The Chez Swanky Quilt Kit from FQS. It uses the pattern, Hip to Be Square.

2. Finish my purse I started last month, but ran into several sewing blunders with.

I think I will keep it simple this month. Happy Sewing!

What projects are you going to work on next??

Peppermint Stick Punch

Hi friends! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. We've been busy here. I hosted my family on Christmas day, we were off to distant family's house on Christmas afternoon, and I hosted my husband's more immediate family on Sunday.

My mom shared this delicious punch recipe with me, so I will share it with you. It is very creamy and dessert-like. Everyone loved it on Sunday.

Peppermint Stick Punch

1.75 quarts of Peppermint Stick Ice Cream (this is seasonal and only available this time of year)
2 Liter of Seven Up or Sprite
18 ounces of Strawberry Jelly

The night before your party, in a heavy saucepan melt the jelly in 2 cups of your soda. I did this over medium heat, constantly stirring until the jelly was dissolved. Put in a container and put it in the refrigerator.

The next day in your punch bowl, scoop out about 6 cups of ice cream. Pour over the jelly/soda mixture and the remaining soda. Stir a bit. Float the remaining ice cream on top.

If you want, you may decorate the rim of your punch bowl with miniature candy canes, hanging from the side.



I have been busy cutting up a quilt kit mom bought me the FQS. I think she bought it a while ago. It has the Chez Swanky fabric and the Hip to be Square pattern. I have all of my pieces cut.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Favorite Christmas Memories

Kelly from the wonderful shop asked us to write about a favorite Christmas memory. I would have to say it would have been Buddy's second Christmas. He love the paper. Loved to crinkle it, loved to eat it. He was about 18 months. He was so sweet. Here is a picture of him that Christmas with my Grandma, who recently passed away. He was just too cute...and look at those cheeks! I know tomorrow will be just as fun.

If you haven't been over to Kelly's wonderful shop lately, you should! She has some great sales going on and some great fabrics, too. I particularly have my eye on the Love U fabrics. They are so cute.

Secret Santa Gift

Look what Joan sent my way!!! She also sent a very sweet calendar for Buddy and some tasty treats, too. Aren't these quilted gifts beautiful? I just love them both. I had the runner out tonight for our holiday meal with my family. Thanks so much, Joan.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


My Secret Santa gift is ready to ship! Ho Ho HO

I found this giveaway/share. You should check it out. You just have to share one of your homemade gifts. For those of you just stopping by, you check earlier posts and see some of the other goodies I have done this season. This quilted table runner features blocks from Quiltmaker magazine. I really do like how it turned out.

Season's greetings.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thank you!

I was very blessed by a couple of super nice packages from some of my favorite bloggy friends. First up, is this beautiful mini quilt made by my friend, Carol. Carol always has the best taste in fabrics, if you ask me. Isn't this just sweet? Thanks, Carol! I think it will find a permanent home on my dining room table, just as soon as I finish up all of these half done projects that have been cluttering it.

Then, Pat was sweet enough to send me this cute sign and a few patterns. I am just itching to whip up a couple of the pillowcases on top. Thanks so much, Pat.

Finally, as I was browsing thru some old photos, I think I forgot to post this towel made by Susan.

Isn't it cool? I just love the cheerful prints on this cute block. Thanks so much, Susan, and I really did think I'd already posted it, sorry!

Oh and one more thank you. This one goes out to Jolly Ole' Saint Nick at Bronner's.

He was just the nicest Santa anyone could ask for. Buddy had a good time.

Letter to Santa!

Dear Santa,
I have been waiting months to send you this letter. Firt off, I know I should tell you that I have been a very nicey girl this year!! Thus, I'd love to have some Swell Nicey Jane Fat Quarters under my tree. That would be swell, Santa!

Also, I just want to say Love U! Oh, and you could slip either that Love Bug quilt kit or even a Jelly Roll my way, too.

I will be sure to leave you some Honey Buns to munch on when you stop by our house. Be sure to load up the Elves's stockings at the Fat Quarter Shop...they sure have been working hard and they have the nicest customer service! They even called my house the other day when I was at work to talk to my husband about an order. I said to him..."What did they say? You know, it is like talking to someone famous." He just laughed. But, it's true you know, in the quilting world.

Until next time,

Kris at Dandelion Quilts

Sunday, December 13, 2009


I have been working on my secret santa gift. I decided to make a table runner using 2 blocks from the Quiltmaker 100 block issue. These were designed by Monica and PamKittyMorning. I actually switched the flying geese direction on the center block because I thought it worked well in the table runner. If I made the quilt, I would probably keep the geese the direction they were designed to be. And speaking of, I would like to make a small quilt using these blocks, someday. Is your someday list as long as mine??? I have the top done, and you can see the backing material peeking out from the bottom there in black.

I also made up some cocoa cones for the bus driver and daycare workers at Buddy's school.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

What I've been up to. . .

I think I am addicted. Hello. My blog name is Dandelion Quilts and I am addicted to embroidering towels. That seems to fit.

Someone asked last post, all of these designs came from Embroidables.com

Happy sewing!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mama's been busy (CGQC finish)


One finished apron for my nephew, Zack. Poor buddy has had a cold, but was a trooper modeling the apron despite his condition. Sorry for the poor "nightime" photo.

I have actually finished 7 towels, but here is a picture of 5.

I hope you had a productive weekend. Did you do anything exciting? We also decorated the tree and house! AND, I cut out all the pieces for my Secret Santa gift/project.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

CGQC December Goals

Well, can you believe it is December already? The Elves better get busy here, that is all I am saying. I have several goals that I have to get done and I am going to throw in a wish...LOL. A hope...I should say.

So, goal 1 is to complete my Secret Santa gift for CGQC. I hope you are playing along!! Since this is a secret, I am only going to say that I think I am making a table runner for my partner. I think this will be the first thing that I work on.

Goal 2- My mom really liked a purse they had a sample of in the LQS. It was really cute. I don't have a photo to show you yet, besides I don't really like the sample/example on the cover...it doesn't do the bag's cuteness justice, in my mind. It sounds a bit challenging, so feel free to toss a prayer or 2 my way.

Goal 3- Smaller projects. My nephew would like an embroidered towel apron and I would also like to embroider some towels as gifts. We will see. You remember the saga of the flash card, right? I am still straightening that out.

Goal 4- Gee wouldn't it be jolly to have this quilted by Christmas. My machine has been acting fickle again, so I am not so sure if that will happen.

Is anyone else working on Christmas projects? If so, what?

EDITOR'S NOTE: I bought a new flash card, this one worked right and I am back up and running! Whoo. Hoo.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Finish (CGQC) and a Winner

I hope you all had a delightful Thanksgiving. We sure did. Are you still using up your turkey leftovers? Here is a quick and delicious soup recipe, sure to cure whatever is ailing you.

Dandy's Turkey Soup recipe


1/2 c chopped onion
1/2 c chopped celery
1/2 c chopped carrots
2 cloves chopped garlic
8 cups chicken stock
1 medium potato (golden or red), chopped with skins on
2 handfuls of your favorite small pasta
2 c chopped turkey
1 TBSP dried parsley
1/4 tsp pepper
salt to taste

In a large stock pot, saute the first 5 ingredients until tender. Toss in potatoes and add stock, bring to a boil. Add pasta, cook according to package (mine was 7 minutes). Turn down heat, add turkey and seasonings. ENJOY!! Freezes well, too.

In other sewing news, I finished the quilting and binding on both snowmen. Although my machine started acting up a bit on mine. Mine has the red binding. I was brave enough to try some star quilting on mine, and pretty pleased with my results despite my machine's attitude. Mom's is in the blue. I still need to find buttons, but I am hoping to catch them on sale. Let me know if you see any good sales, girls! But, I consider these done. I promise to show another shot of them with eyes on.

Oh and finally, thanks to everyone who entered my 200th post giveaway for a good cause! There were a lot of entries and I am very appreciative to all of you who entered. A special thanks to those who contributed to my kettle. My kettle so far has $20 in it. I know we are going to add to that sometime in December, so I will keep it up until Christmas. The winner was Jen of Punkie Pie! Congratulations to Jen. I will get that out to you soon.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giveaway time at Spun Sugar Quilts

Head on over to Vickie's and check out her big giveaway.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Look what I have been working on

I had a fun afternoon yesterday shopping with my MIL. We had a nice salad/sandwich combo for lunch and then we went to several stores. We were gone most of the day and then I went grocery shopping. So I started sewing around 9:30 and found myself making a lot of mistakes, I think I was tired. I knew I should hang it up. But, I did get a lot of this second snowman finished. I am hoping to finish it and get them quilted today, but I suspect life might distract me. LOL. A girl can dream though.

Next up is a Table topper I made my friend for Christmas using a Cotton Way pattern and a Cotton Blossoms charm pack. I like how it turned out. It took some getting use to the raw edges, but I do like it. I love the circles, and then the inner colors.

Let me tell you about the other saga in my sewing room. I went to personalize an apron for my nephew the other day. When I went to pull out my compact flash card and adapter, they were not in my machine. This is the first time I went to do this since it spent a month in the shop. I know you are thinking...ut oh. Ut oh is right. So, I call the shop and they did say they looked for it, but they followed up with that they never keep them and that they must have sent it home with my husband. I said that they most certainly did not send it back in the paper bag of accessories or it would have been in the bag (where I kept everything and put it all back in my machine when it returned). Furthermore if I had the card, it would be in the empty case that is sitting on the floor next to my sewing table. Anyway, I didn't like the gals attitude, she was quite rude to me. It made me want to add that I can see why all of their business is going across town to buy their machines in the newer quilting shop than to deal with them. BUT, I refrained. I just know where my next machine will come from. First they had my machine for over a month and then they lose my flash card. I will never make the mistake of leaving it in my machine while in the repair shop again. A mistake that ended up costing me $36. Ouch.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fall Mini Quilt Swap Parade

Kelly and I thought it would be fun to parade the quilts that were swapped in the Mini Quilt Swap of the CGQC. It is always fun to see all the quilts that were made for other people.

This first one up is especially special to me, Michelle made this quilt for me! Isn't this disappearing 9 patch darling? It is the perfect size for me to cuddle up in my chair with. I just love FALL as it is my favorite time of year. Michelle used the Gobble, Gobble collection. Her quilting is wonderful and her stitches are so even. I just love how perfect it is. A big thanks to Michelle. If you haven't checked out her blog, she is full of inspiration. I just loved how she tagged this one.

Next up on our parade is this wonderful tree mini quilt made by Cora. Doesn't it put you in the spirit? Cora made this one for Esther. I thought the buttons were a great touch.

Carol's mini quilt is next Carol sent this autumn beauty to Susan. Susan wanted something special to hang on her door, and I bet this did the trick. It is gorgeous quilting, too.

Susan was in the Halloween spirit and she quilted this cute little pumpkin quilt for Cora. Isn't it great??? I just love it. Look at that great stitchery!

And finally, I made this Schnibbles pattern for Sara. I really loved the smaller blocks. Sara collects mini quilts and she seemed quilt pleased with it.

I think this swap was a success! Don't forget to head over to Kelly's for the rest of the parade.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

November CGQC tag

This month we were suppose to post about what we are thankful for. I am thankful for this little face who lights up my life daily, for my marriage and thoughtful husband, for the health of all of our family members, for the Lord who provides for us, for Mr. Dandelion's successes at college (have I mentioned he has all A's and is top in one of his classes), and for my wonderful job, and for all of my friends, who make like fun.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Fall Quilt Swappers

Hey everyone,

I have tried to check in with everyone (via blogs) to make sure that they have received their quilts. Please let me know if you have not received your package yet, so that I may follow up on them. Since we are well into November, I would think all packages have had plenty of time to arrive. Thank you.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas (CGQC)

I had a fun weekend. My mom and I both took sewing projects to our friend's house. We stayed up late both Friday and Saturday evening sewing, during the day we did a bit of shopping and enjoyed a meal out. I worked on my Isn't Christmas Jolly quilt kit. I do LOVE the end project, but I had several snags as I sewed along.

First, I wasn't fond of a replacement fabric in my kit. It was for this checkered interior border that I did make (but when you read on, I ended up ripping it off). I did not realize they had changed the fabric when I bought it. I wanted red. I had bright yellow. You know how I love red!

Then when I finished all of those awful geese, my geese were too short on every side to line up properly. So I ripped off the green.yellow.checkered.border that I didn't like in the first place.

Luckily, my friend was VERY helpful. Figuring math and changing a pattern is not always a stronge point for me....let me say quite loud and clear, had it not been for her I would have stuffed the dang project back in the UFO bin where it was clearly destined to be. We managed to salvage and I do say salvage the scrap green and white fabric from around the panel piece to make a smaller border to allow the geese to fit perfectly.

I HATE geese. Correction, I like the look of flying geese, but I hate making them. My hat goes off to Mary who recently made that huge geese quilt. I have no intentions of ever sewing them again. I think they are very boring and tedious. All I can say is...those geese about flew south. That's all I am saying.

I had a few other uneven sewing problems. THEN at the very end, right when I dared to think "THANK GOODNESS THIS IS ALMOST OVER"...I ran out of border fabric. WHAT YOU SAY? OH yes, I did. Luckily, I had some scraps left...enough to make some cornerstones and it worked out okay. I am so glad that it is done and I do love it, I think all of the changes I had to make do compliment it well.

What a saga. Good thing Santa is so cute.

More to come later this week...I have to post my wonderful quilt from our quilt swap...just wait to you see the cutie that Michelle made for me!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Is it really November already? (CGQC)

Okay, this month is going to be super busy, so I am keeping these goals short.

First goal- Back to these snowmen quilts...
I have one top done, so I am going to finish the second and quilt them.

Second goal- I started this quilt last year at this time (don't judge me). My goal is to finish the top. I got tired and frustrated with all of the flying geese. And, to be truthful, fearful that it isn't going to line up well. We will see.

Don't forget, there is still time to get in on my drawing.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A finished baby quilt (CGQC goal finished)

This is a finished quilt,
that is much overdue,
for a soon to be cute baby girl,
for a patient and giving mama,
that hopefully will love the baby's new quilt.

Other snipets:
Don't forget to enter the giveaway.

Buddy is feeling better. We finally carved that pumpkin, just in time!

A big thank you to Sara for her wonderful and thoughtful thank you note, she sent in the mail. It was very sweet.

Head on over to Jackie's who is having a huge post market giveaway! Thanks, Jackie!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Time to Give- A Giveaway

I noticed the other day that I missed my 200th blog giveaway. Oops. Sometimes life goes too quickly, doesn't it. So, I had an idea. I know a lot of people are struggling this season. Struggling to eat. Struggling to survive the times. Around this time of year, I like my family to give a bit. In the past we have given to the Salvation Army. I thought maybe some of you might like to give, too. Did I mention that there will be a prize?


I will post a better picture later- my camera is having an attitude! But for now, you should know that the prize includes 2 Moda Charm packs, and 1 yard coordinating fabric, 1/4 yard of binding fabric. (For those of you on the Schnibbles diet, this should feed your habit for a mini quilt.)

I also want to say, that you don't have to give a gift to be entered for the prize. I've come up with a system:

1. Leave a comment- get 1 entry
2. Give a gift (click on the bucket widget on the right of your screen, it will take you to a secure giving location)...just so you know, any gift will help me fill "my bucket", even a dollar or two.- get 5 entries
A important note, the Salvation Army has a really nice site. It allows each giver to designate where they want the money to go. You get to pick your location. You can pick your hometown or any other area in need you want.
3. Blog about it and link to this post- get 1 entry

So, you could get up to 7 entries, if you wanted to. And, I think we could all feel pretty good about it. I am hoping to go well above my goal. I will draw Dec 1st. That gives everyone plenty of time to get entered.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A good read. . .

I love Jodi Picoult books. She has suspense and normally questions ethics in her books, to some degree. This book does not disappoint. It is about a child born with a disease called OI, where her bones break all of the time and a mother's struggle to take care of and protect her child. While she is busy worrying about the fragile one, her older daughter is actually more fragile than the mother ever considers. Warning: This book may be a bit hard for some mom's to read.
Buddy came down with bronchitis. He went to the doctor yesterday morning. Then in the night he threw up. I called the doctor on call, which is a story in itself. The school had just sent home signs of H1N1, which means I can worry all "flu and cold" season. Bronchitis was on the list of a complications from the flu. Super. The doctor thought that the one time throwing up probably was a side effect from the meds he is on. He has been laughing and playing all day and in general acting better than he did Friday morning prior to the meds. So, let's hope that is all it is. I'm pooped.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mini Quilt (CGQC goal finished)

My swap partner collects baby doll quilts. So I took my Schnibbles State Fair pattern, and made it so it was a 18 1/2 inch square. I really liked the block assemby for this, as it is super easy to do.

I bought the fabrics from The Fat Quarter Shop. The collection is called Girly Girl Fabrics by The Art Gallery Fabrics. I learned about it when they featured it on their blog the Jolly Jabber...a big shout out to The Fat Quarter Shop gals. I have always been pleased with their customer service.

I was quite pleased with the end product because it is quite girly girl...and just so cute. I may have to make myself one in the future.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Finally finished this baby quilt (CGQC goal 1)

I'm still here! I've actually been sewing, too! I love having my machine back, thanks for all of the cheering last post. You gals make my heart sing somedays. So, here it is...the last time, I PROMISE, that you will see this quilt (I feel like I have over shown this one.) If you remember, this is 1 of 2 quilts that I am making for my friends soon-to-be delivered twin girls. My friend has been in the hospital now for nearly 80 days on completely flat bed rest. Bless her heart, I thought she could use a boost, so I delivered the first quilt. If you remember, I embarassedly did not have the quilts done in time for the shower do to my machine's major attitude. But, my friend, knew of my plight and told me to relax, there was nothing to rush about.

I did love how this turned out. I think it is on my favorite's list. My friend really liked it too...which is even more important. I am really proud of the quilting on it, I feel confident these days when it comes to meandering.

I am currently putting the binding on my mini quilt project and it will go out in the mail early this week!

In other news, did you know that Kraft Mac and Cheese comes in Halloween shapes?? How cute is that!

I will try to get back into the blogging groove this week, thanks for your patience! Some of you have been up to some fun projects. I have been visiting, just not always commenting. I promise to be better this week.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thank you, you warm my heart

Again, I want to say thank you for all of the support, kind words, and warm thoughts you've shared my way. I love being a part of this quilting community. My grandmother passed away this morning peacefully. The funeral arrangements are on Thursday and Friday. It will be a small gathering mostly of family, but I am sure we will share some nice memories of better days.


On another note, a happier note....I'd like to give a big birthday shout-out to my friend, Jen otherwise known as Punkie Pie's mom. I hope you have a great celebration.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

October CGQC goals

I realized today that it was October. I also realized that in my downer last week, I hadn't posted my CGQC goals for the month. Since I accomplished practically nothing last month, I am going to be doing many repeats. Unfortunately, my machine is still down. . .so it is with a heavy sigh and little confidence that I say, I doubt I will even get all of my projects done this month.

Goal 1- Remember me?
Finish the quilting on this quilt. Remember, I was halfway thru it when my machine crashed.

Goal 2-
Start the quilting on this quilt. I was thinking I might do a grid pattern on this versus stippling for variation. Does anyone have any suggestions on? My mom said that now that I have improved so much she thinks I should stipple it.

Goal 3- (a new goal)
My mini quilt for the swap. I am not going to show much of this project while it is in the works as I think my partner is on to me.

Goal 4-(a revised goal)
Finish both tops of this snowman wall hanging....I will save the quilting for another month since my machine is still away.

Reality...perhaps I will only get one done. I know which one that will be, it has to take priority above the others.

****A special note of thanks to all my friends:
I really appreciate all of the comments of concern and kindness on my blog and in my email inbox. My grandmother is still with us, but declining. She hasn't ate or drank since Wednesday morning, she has been unresponsive since Thursday, and her lungs keep filling with fluid. So for now, we wait. My grandma is in her late 80's and has lived much longer than anyone expected. Almost 15 years ago, she suffered a massive stroke following a quadruple bi-pass. I remember clearly that they called the entire family in during the early morning hours to say goodbye. While it is hard to say goodbye to a grandma that loved her family so, it is equally hard to watch someone in pain (which she has been for sometime now). I appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers during this time.