Saturday, May 21, 2011

Soccer and T ball Highlights

Last night, we showed up for our make up game (we were making one up due to the field being flooded) only to find about 4 inches of standing water on the end of the field.  So, the little boys played on the big boys field.  Buddy slept great last night!  He was tuckered out. 

 Although at first that field looked better, it was really wet as well. I now have stock in stain remover. We got home at about 8 and I had to wash the uniform for this morning's regularly scheduled game. Since I haven't heard differently I am assuming we are playing in the "pond".

 In our other sports world, t ball is also very wet.  Luckily though, we haven't had any games rescheduled due to the water.  Buddy seems to be enjoying playing 3rd and pitcher...although there really is no pitcher at this age.

Aren't they cute???

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Lovely Surprise for Pincushion Swappers

Hi Swappers!  First and foremost, I must apologize.  When the swap wrapped up, I was going to wait a couple of weeks to make sure all of the out of country swappers received their packages before drawing a prize for the swap.  Well, a couple turned into a few weeks turned into several.  I am very sorry.  Life has been keeping us very busy with t ball, soccer, and helping my parents move. 

But, I did remember.  Since I didn't hear of anyone not receiving their pincushions, we are ready to draw.  I used my original swap list and the random number generator.  So congratulations to Wendy F. you are the lucky winner of 2 "Lovely" charm packs from Kelly's shop.  A special thanks to Kelly for donating those.  If you haven't stopped by the shop lately, you really should.  Kelly has some very reasonable prices.

I must also compliment each of you because I did not have to hound anyone nor did I have to wrangle up some additional pincushions to make up for those that didn't post.  It was my most favorite swap ever.  And that being said, I am throwing a second prize into the lot.  One of these very cute pincushions that I made.  And the winner of the pincushion is, LeAnn H.  Congratulations to both ladies.  We will get those prizes out to you.

Stay tuned for a new swap coming up this soon as life slows down a bit.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Have you seen?

I admit it...I am in love.  Did you happen to make it over to Make Life Sweet Blog lately?  I think I need some of those charms.  I am not going to market, but it sounds like I will be in luck anyway, as they will be posting them on their etsy site.  I bought a couple of prints from their etsy site while I was there.  I act like I went somewhere, but really I did it from this chair in my pajamas.  Yup.  Easey Peasey.  The prints are going to be part of the transformation that I mention below.

I haven't had much to blog about lately.  I apologize.  Nor have I been on blogs.  Nor have I sewed.  Busy times here.  Soccer.  T Ball.  Soccer.  T Ball.  Tired Mama.  Repeat.

But, I do have an exciting undertaking going on here.  Or exciting for me, that is.  My sewing room is getting a make over.  Thank goodness.  That is all I will say on that.  But.  There is a lot going on right now.  I suspect I might not get much sewing done until the make over is complete because frankly that is just how I feel right now.  Have you seen the sewing room? 

It is also the smallest room in the house and a guest room.  That is about to change people.  You see something quite exciting happened just a few short weeks parents, who have always lived hours away, bought a house just 8 miles away.  Not only do I get to see them any night I want (which is just totally terrific) but I also don't need to house this bed for them to sleep in anymore.  I get to have a cutting table in the same room.  Pinch me, is this for real???  Big changes coming.

Just you wait and see.