Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Charming Finishes for January/February

Kelly asked the Charming Girls Club to post their finishes for January/February.  Kelly, I have to tell you that I found it quite refreshing not to have goals.  And, it wasn't that I didn't get things done either...but I really like that one a whim you can decide to go whip something up and not have the guilt factor.

This is the apron I made at our sewing party.  Whenever I wear it, it makes me smile thinking of the fun we had that day.

This is my ironing board cover I whipped up.  Should I mention that I have wanted a new cover for over 2 years?  Well worth the time I invested in it.

These are all of my Squared Up blocks...totally pieced.

This is a small laundry bag I made as graduation present.  So nice to have it done early.

This coupon clutch and Nook cover were birthday presents for a friend.

These bags will soon be given to quilting buddies.  They are just the right size for a traveling sewing kit, I think.

Thanks for revisiting these projects with me.  Happy sewing.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Oh...about your swap partner

pincushion swap

Thanks to all 28 ladies who signed up for the swap.  I am so excited to see everyone's pincushions.  Now there are just a couple of items to discuss before you get sewing, and I will make them brief.

First of all, EVERYONE has been sent an email with your partner's information.  Please check your inboxes and make sure you received yours, the sooner the better.  This time around, I set up the swap a bit differently than in the past.  The partner you are sending to is also the person who is sending to you.  For example, Sinta is sending to me, and I am sending to Sinta.  Feel free to drop your partner an email and get to know them...completely optional.  There is nothing that is a secret about your partner.

Secondly, I have set up a Flickr group for the pincushion swap here.  Feel free to add pictures of your master pieces, or email me your pictures and I will add them.  Everyone loves to see them.

LeAnn also let me know about Heather Bailey's pincushion tutorial, which you can find here.

Just remember, your deadline to ship is Saturday, March 26th.  Please, please, please get your pincushion out by then.  You are only required to send a pincushion, but a lot of times people send a bit more in their package just for fun.  Looking forward to your emails notifying me that you have shipped, Kris

Sewing with some Honey Bun Strips

Well, the snow has all returned.  Mind you, two days ago it was sunny and in the 40's.  Not now.  All that snow that melted decided to reappear.  The local schools have closed.  We were already due to have the day off, so it didn't affect me any. 

I needed some cheer, luckily Mary Engelbreit was near.  You like the rhyme?  I worked on it just for my readers.  Have you ever used this free pattern found on Moda's website?  It is called Sweet Treat Bags and is made using honey buns, although...you could really just use yardage if you wanted to.  The directions are easy to follow.  It would be a good one for someone who wanted to make a pouch but didn't want to deal with zippers.  These don't look very big, but they are a good size.  The picture is deceiving.

You can see I opted out of the velcro enclosure and inserted a snap instead.  I also top stitched around the top as well. 

I love this kid.  I just thought I'd throw that in for the world to hear.  Love him.  He was fresh out the pool.  I told him what a good job he did and he replied, "Are you kidding?  Did you SEE me have to swim all the way down the big pool and back by myself?  I almost drowned.  I thought I was going to die."  I assured him I had too much invested him to let that happen.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Swap Update-

Hi ladies,

I know a lot of you are curious if I received your information.  Thanks for the patience.  I will be replying to everyone by Monday with the name of your partner. 

pincushion swap

I had several ladies curious about my pincushion pictured here in the bling (by the way, feel free to take the bling for your blog. . .I see several of you have already).  I actually found this pincushion pattern in an old Quilts N More issue.  However, you are in luck, BHG has it for free on their website here.  I just added the ribbon because I liked the extra touch!  Here is another freebie from BHG.  The Moda Bake Shop has several great patterns for free as well, which can be found here

Currently, I have 24 of you signed up (complete with addresses).  Please check below for your name:

  1. Cheryl T.
  2. Sunny S.
  3. Shannon W.
  4. Kelly G.
  5. Carol L.
  6. Robin M.
  7. Kim L.
  8. Sharon V.
  9. Dorothy F.
  10. Kim S.
  11. Carolyn S.
  12. Jen W.
  13. Wendy F.
  14. Peggy F.
  15. Amanda S.
  16. Michelle N.
  17. Vickie S.
  18. Leslie L.
  19. Dawn T.
  20. LeAnn H.
  21. Heidi R.
  22. JoAnna M.
  23. Sinta B.
  24. ME
Debbie- I did receive your comment on my blog, but I did not receive an email follow up.  Unfortunately I have no way to contact you as you do not have your account connected to an email address.  Please email me ASAP if you want to participate...in fact, if even if you don't I would like to hear from you....even just a comment.

Let me know if anyone doesn't see their name, but thinks I should!  :)  Kris

Monday, February 14, 2011

Charming Girls' Pincushion Swap 2011

Calling all Charming Girls. . .I am so excited to announce that I will be hosting a swap for us. 

pincushion swap

Kelly and I have been chatting about this for a couple of weeks, and I am so excited to get it launched today!

Here are the requirements:

1. You must be a Charming Girls Club member to participate.
2. You must e-mail me to sign up.  My e-mail is located in my profile information.
3.  Create a homemade pincushion.  Send it to your partner by Saturday, March 26th . Please only sign up if you feel you can make the deadline. No one enjoys not receiving a swap package when they put a lot of effort into theirs. If an emergency happens, be kind and let your swap partner know when you feel they can expect to receive their package.  Also, please let me know when you ship.
4. After you have received your package, please email or snail mail your partner a letter thanking them.
5. Have fun.

If you are interested, email me this information:
In the subject of the email, please label it:  SWAP information
1. First and Last name (I will not post last names on my blog.)
2. Your postal address.
3. Your blog address (if you have one, it is not a requirement)
4. Your email address.

Again, my email address is available in my blog profile. Feel free to email with any questions.

The deadline to sign up is this Friday, February 18th, 2011 . I will send out partner information by Monday the 21st!

While I haven't quite worked this out yet, I am sure there will be a drawing for a prize for those who get their swap packages out on time. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Aloha Quilt

Over the weekend, I read The Aloha Quilt.  I think it is my favorite Elm Creek Quilter Novel yet.  I hope we get to see some more of these characters in the future.  Have you read this installment?  Jennifer Chiaverini has another book coming out in the month of February, if it isn't already out.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sewing up some surprises

Thank you for all of the get better wishes.  Today has been a pretty good day...and I hope it is a new start.  Like many of you have heard, I have had this on again off again, on again ear infection.  I have went through 2 rounds of antibiotics...and I just wish it was cleared up for good. 

I told myself I was going to feel well enough to sew today.  I had to! My friend's birthday is today and I promised her a coupon clutch.  I have been wanting to use up some scrap fabric and I did just that.  Isn't it cute?  I think it might be my favorite yet.  I need to get better on these scrappier projects to reach for the scraps first before opening up a new precut.  I have a lot of scraps right now.

Remember, I have made this clutch before from the Moda Bake Shop tutorial, which you can find here.  They make excellent organizational tools for yourself, or cheap presents for your friends. 

I also made her one of these Perfect Pouches by LazyGirl design...remember, I told you they were easy peasey to make.  This is size medium, and you can see it fits my Nook well.  In fact, I have my own pouch that I store mine in.  I made this one because she is getting her own Nook and I stuck a Barnes and Noble gift certificate inside it.  I thought they made a cute coordinating set.  :)  I particularly like the pink zipper.

So, that wraps up my afternoon of sewing, but I was pleased to get it all done!  What have you been working on today???

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Squared Up Sweet Pea Blocks

Well, I worked quite a lot yesterday on my Sweet Pea blocks (Make Life fabric collection).  I had to take a break after I had a little accident with the rotary cutter....I am fine, just stupid.  Have no fears!  Anyway, in the evening I returned to finish up my blocks. 

I am suppose to applique 8 flowers on here.  Do you think it is going to be too busy?  I have a fq of the yellow fabric I was going to use.  I was going to buy some of those coordinating buttons for the centers of the flowers.  I think it is cool that this line has matching buttons. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day Sewing Project

We were under a Blizzard warning last night.  I knew I was going to have the day to sew.  I got up this morning and began cutting this Make Life fabric from Kelly's shop.  I am making Sweet Pea from Anka's Treasures.  I am really excited about this quilt. 

I got all my pieces cut this morning.  I am going to grab some lunch and then do some sewing!  I am pretty sure we will another snow day tomorrow.  So I hope to get all of the blocks done. 
We were really lucky to not have our power go out today.  Less than a mile away, the entire village was out.  Buddy enjoyed a little bit of playing outside with the neighbor kids.