Monday, December 27, 2010

A yummy dessert recipe- EASY

I swear that I have posted this recipe before, but as I am unable to find it I will repost it.  This is a MUST make for any gathering.  Everyone always requests it.  They think it takes me hours, but it is quite simple.  And best of all, it is delicious. 
 Chocolate Raspberry Triffle

Gather your supplies:
1 brownie mix (9X13)
1 small box instant white chocolate pudding mix
1 small box instant cheesecake pudding mix
2 1/2 c milk
1 cool whip (8 ounces)
1 container raspberries for garnish (optional- may substitute heath crumbles instead)

Make your brownie mix according to the box.  Cool.  Cut into 1 inch cubes. 

In a mixing bowl, beat the puddings and milk for 2 minutes on low.  Fold in the cool whip.

Find yourself a pretty bowl.  My bowl probably measures 10 -12 inches across the top, if that gives you an idea of the size.

Layer a bit less then half of the brownies in the bottom of the bowl.  It really depends on the size of your bowl, you may end up using more  (I usually end up with a handful of brownies leftover, you may not).  Top with half of the pudding mixture.  Repeat. 

Garnish with berries and chill for at least 4 hours prior to serving. 

There is just something about the combination of the 2 pudding mixes and cool whip that gives this dessert a really rich flavor.

Don't forget to enter the drawing if you haven't!  :)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hooray...a finished apron, let's celebrate

So, I did actually have enough bias tape.  I know you were wondering, weren't you?  You probably wouldn't be able to sleep tonight, so that is why I got back on this thing to tell you....allow you some relief.  I actually finished the entire apron.  I am going to give it to my MIL tomorrow....just because. 

Now I am sure you thought I would model the apron, but let me tell you that I just ate a chocolate covered marshmallow Santa and frankly would rather die than have my hips on my blog.  That is right folks, that is how it is. 

So the scallops here one the bottom...hmm.  Scallops.  I sure think they are cute, but I hate making them.  I clipped these babies to death and they still want to roll.  What is the deal??  I wish I would have had more teal to do the binding.  Oh well.  It is what it is is done, that it is what it is.

PS---I 'heart' fig tree....big shout out to Joanna and her crew.  Keep that beautiful fabric coming.  LOVE it.

Also, if you commented on either of my posts about this are now officially entered to win these 2 charm packs.  Seems I found I had extra of this line, so my mistake is your lucky day.  Leave a comment to enter....doesn't have to be anything fancy (maybe the best part of your holiday...or a link to a cute project you've seen in blogland...or your own confession to something yummy you've indulged in recently, or just a brief hello).

Some Late Night Christmas Sewing

Did you have a nice Christmas?  We surely did.  We attended a lovely Christmas Eve service at Church...just lovely.  Then we woke up to open presents on Christmas Day, much to Buddy's delight.  That Santa fellow sure treated him well. Then we were off for a bit of a drive, and a nice family dinner.

When we got home, the house was pretty quiet.  I wandered into my clean sewing room and actually felt like doing a bit of sewing.  So, at first...I was just going to read the pattern for the half apron.  Then I was just going to cut my pieces.  But, then I ended up getting quite a bit of sewing done.  I did end up altering the pattern a bit, I just was not up to learning a new applique pattern that late....but I still like it.  I am not sure I have enough material for bias tape.  If that is the case, it will not get done today and I will have to order some material.  But I have enough of it done, that I think you can see what I have been up to.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Saturday's Doings

I must say...I spent quite a while Saturday in my sewing room...and really felt like I was spinning my wheels.  I was trying to applique some towels with some designs from SWAK.  It didn't go so well...or at least not as well as last time.

First up was a candy cane.  That was a complete disaster.  I still don't get when to switch the fabrics on that did this odd stair case design.  I will spare you the meltdown photo.

Then I made this cute little owl.  He turned out okay.  But I do get a bit frustrated when not all the of the cloth seam is hidden.  I tried to be extra careful cutting and everything.  You can see it there one right side.

I moved onto this retro snowflake.  At first I was unhappy with how the towel was showing thru the navy.  Then I was really unhappy when the final stitch moved a quarter of an inch past the original design.  UGHH.  I give up. 

Then I decided to start cleaning the room of shame...the sewing room.  It is horrible.  I admit it.  I spent a lot of time in there. 

Finally, I got out my Go Cutter.  How fun is that?  Lots.  I used some Figgy Pudding I bought last year to cut up some charms.  I made a set for myself and a set for a gift.  I downloaded an MBS pattern for the second set, cut out the backing and binding, and whhaaaa-la, a nice kitted gift.  I did figure out though that now that I might do that in the future, I should always save the cardboard that comes with my Moda charm packs. 

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sewing on a Snowy Day- Part 2

So, when I was digging in the closet, I discovered I still had a Crazy 8's Charm Pack from last year.  So, I made it into a table topper.  The original pattern from Anka's Treasures calls for this to be a 3 star table runner.  So I just made an additional star block and sewed them into a square.

I really do like it.  Wish I had enough red to bind in but I will have to use blue or green dots. Originally I was not going to use any pink or bright blue in it.  Then it seemed a bit dull. So I tossed a couple in.  

I also stumbled over the scraps for the tops for 2 of Vickie's hot pads.  Love that idea of using 1 hot pad for casserole dishes, which I use a lot of.  I think it will be really cute quilted with binding.

Now the quilting is lining up isn't it?  I have to quilt the hanky quilt, the topper from yesterday, this star topper, and 2 hot pads.  But, I think I will whip out 1 more project before I do that.

You should have seen Buddy dance last night when we received the call for the snow day.  It was a happy dance indeed!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sewing on a Snowy Day- Part 1

Did you catch that part 1?  Yes, I think I might actually have multiple posts today.  I started staring at these 2.5 scraps left over from my hanky quilt.  I thought I must be able to do something cute with these, since I had quite a few.  So I made this cute little table topper or mini quilt for the wall.  I just have the top done, but I really like it so far. It is about 20 inch square.

It is really snowing and blowing here.  We are in a major storm watch and are supposed to get up to 9 inches today.  What are you working on today?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pardon the Interruption

The giveaway is closed.  Thank you  for participating.  I received each of your nice responses.  We have been sick all weekend.  I have a terrible sinus infection/cough, so does husband, and Buddy had the flu.  Not fun.  I will draw later in the week, when I am in the spirit.  Thanks for playing!