Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Booming Aprons Halloween in July Apron Swap

So, as I have mentioned before that I also made an apron for Booming Aprons Halloween in July Apron Swap. My partner was Irma. Here is a picture of my reversible Church Lady Apron that I made for her. My mom says these apron pictures do no do justice to the aprons and that I need to get a model. I apologize and I will try to do that next time. For one thing, you cannot see the cute overlapping pockets.

As you can see, I monogrammed Irma's initials on it and I love how it turned out. I love the font I chose, and the location. From now on, when I make this pattern, I will monogram on the leg. I just think it is darling.

I also sent along this cute little towel I whipped up.

It was a snap. I used scraps leftover from apron. I cut two 3 inch X 4.5 rectangles out of each fabric (4 total). I sewed them end to end, alternating the material. Then I folded the edges over a quarter of an inch on all 4 sides. I lined it up on a kitchen towel and sewed it on the top edge all the way around and then stitched in the 3 ditches. Lastly, I added a row of ric rac. It turned out super cute and it is a good use of scraps. I will be making lots of them for Christmas presents.

This little guy turn 4 today.

It is so hard to believe he is 4 already. I just love him to pieces. We had a fun birthday party over the weekend. He is modeling a new raincoat, boots, and umbrella that my mom bought him. Isn't he sweet?? It is a raincoat, but it has a liner in it so I hope he wears it a lot. On the backside, is a fireman's logo and the boots match.

Friday, July 18, 2008

New Aprons and Pattern Review

I have been busy sewing aprons for 2 bridal showers and apron swap. I used Mary Mulari's Church Lady Apron Pattern. Let me tell you, I have Mary's Favorite Reversible Apron pattern and it is a great starter apron pattern. It is simple to follow and produces a quality apron every time. So, I was eager to try this pattern out. Here are some of my thoughts about this apron pattern.

Positive Thoughts

  • The pattern cost me $6.00, which is reasonable.

  • It is reversible. It is like 2 aprons in one!

  • The pattern has lots of suggestions for personalization and how to make each apron a bit unique.

  • I like that it has a spot to write down who you have made the apron for and the date.

  • It comes with nice sturdy pattern paper.

  • The waist ties are wide and easy to turn.

  • easy to shop for, you just need a yard of 2 complimentary fabrics

  • It is an overall easy pattern to follow, and the directions are quite clear.

Buyer Beware

  • If you want 2 double pockets on each side of your apron, then you should buy extra material.
  • I did have troubles getting the tops of my pockets to point when I folder them under. The directions didn't really address this small little point. (The pockets did turn out cute though; I am sorry you cannot see them better in this picture.)

  • Overall, I'd recommend this apron pattern. I would definitely buy more of Mary Mulari's patterns.

    Editor's note: I will post my Halloween Apron Swap apron after I am sure that my partner has received it.

    Also, there is a great giveaway over at Debbie's blog. You should check out all of the cool sewing tools. Also, Lisa has posted a cool tutorial for making a neat cover on a tape measure. Don't you just love blogging??? I know I do. Thanks, gals for your gifties and projects!

    What would summer be without pinwheels?

    Ta da! I finished the pinwheels. I used 2 charm packs (Moda's Decadent Victorian), but would have used 4 and then I could have used less borders to make it a comfy lap throw. I made this quilt for a family friend who lost her mother recently to cancer. Her mother was a crafter and appreciated things homemade, so I knew that it would be fitting to make a quilt in her honor. I'm trying to decide how I want to finish it. Am I brave enough to attempt free motion quilting? Do I want to stitch in the ditch? I just do not know. Hmm.
    Isn't it darling? I think she did a great job. You have probably seen the pattern in your local stores. I calls for charm packs. We used 3 inch squares. It made a finished bag that was about 11 X 12. Mom wanted a purse not a bag. I really am thinking of making one for myself now. We will see.

    What projects have you been thinking of completing?

    More to come later...I have several aprons I need to whip up plus, a purse to make for a friends birthday which is quickly approaching!

    Thursday, July 17, 2008

    Old Red Barn Quilt Giveaway

    Check out that cool giveaway over at Old Red Barn Co. where Dana has made a beautiful quilt out of Ginger Blossoms material. She is having a giveaway raffle. Go here to enter. Good luck.

    Saturday, July 12, 2008

    Busy week

    It certainly has been a fun but busy week around here. I had plans with my quilting friend, Bev, to go hit one of my favorite quilt shops. I say hit because we always seem to walk away with armloads of new stuff. I bought more of that cute Benartex Happy Trails (cowboy) material that you saw in bud's new pillowcase. I am going to make buddy a new quilt. It is going to be sooooo cute, just like him. I also bought quite a few nice fabrics/finds off the half off rack. That always brings a smile to my face. Bev bought this cute fabric that looks like a little town. Have you seen that yet? Very cute. I cannot wait to see what she does with it. Then we went out to eat. Good times, I say.

    The director and I made plans to go visit some friends at their cabin. I have had some material that I had been itching to make into something and then the vision hit. So, I whipped up this cute little table runner for my gal pal and also a new towel for her.

    Someone recently left a post wondering how my stippling lesson went. . .I thought it went well, and you can see that I put my new knowledge to the test here. I thought I did pretty decently on the stippling of this tablerunner, but I still need to work on keeping my stitching even.

    We had a lot of fun at the cabin (so did the mosquitos, but we'll survive).

    On the way home, we even got a bit off the beaten path to go to a quilt store I went to once on a quilt hop. It had a nice selection of quilting materials in a nursery and craft store setting. I went hoping to find a stock pile of my vintage materials and, boy oh boy, did I. I ended up buying enough Fig Tree and Quilts fabrics for my cottage quilt that I want to work on. That was exactly what I wanted. I was pleased some of the fabrics were from several past collections and so the price range went down a bit. They all flow nicely into each other though and I am very excited to get started sometime in the near future, I hope.

    I've been a bit charm pack crazy this week too. I finally got busy and put these pinwheels together.

    They are going to be part of a lap quilt. I also finished off this table quilt for myself this week.

    I can't wait for fall to arrive so I can get using it. I stitched in the ditch on this one. I am still marveling at the difference my new machine does on almost every task compared to my old machine. This is yet another example of where I believe my investment paid off big time. This is a bit bright for me, but I just loved the pumpkins in the the charm pack.

    I hope you all have been having as much fun sewing and hanging with family as I have. I am going to run for now and hope to catch up with ya'll in a bit!

    Sunday, July 6, 2008

    New Book Review and A Story About Poop

    So, on my way back from my folk's house last week I stopped at a quilt shop. I picked up this book from Fig Tree Quilts. It's themed: houses. In general, I'd have to admit that I like themes. Themes for parties, themes for rooms, themes for gifts, themes for movie sorting boxes, I think you get the drift.

    The store had a sample made up of this house bag. Shockingly, I think I liked the store sample's color choices better than the books. I say shockingly because I LOVE FIG TREE QUILTS' color choices. Perhaps the bag is cuter in person than in a book?

    I saw the bag. Now, that is another thing I am crazy about: bags. So I asked if it came from a book and this is how I the book ended up in my hands.

    I flipped lightly through the book, not sure how I felt about house quilts. I don't think I've seen many house quilts. It was right about at this moment when Buddy announces to the entire store that he has to POOP. As usual, I have a moment of feeling like I could die on the spot. I gently remind him that he could just say that he has to go to the bathroom (as I would guess he has to POOP because he always grabs his butt) and I grab his hand and we are off to the potty. I know, because this is always the case, that the next time it will be another GRAND announcement of POOP again versus bathroom, but I try to change the coarse of history regardless.

    So, when I came out of the bathroom, I grabbed the book and bought it...deciding that surely I would learn to love house quilts...and we were back on the road. Since I have literally flipped and read over this book for hours, I would say that I am now officially addicted to house quilts. In fact, one of the quilts I particularly like has some hand applique, which I have said for months that I want to try, and I love Joanna's directions. I am ready! Bring it on! (The cover quilt has some applique and so does the last quilt.) I love many of the quilts in the book, but here are a couple that I especially like.

    Tuesday, July 1, 2008

    Little Buckaroo Gets a New Pillowcase

    You've got to love the excitment a new pillowcase brings. I can't decide which picture is the cutest. Hmm. Child excited. Child sleeping. Both are cute.

    Here's a project I worked on during nap time. A pincushion.

    Would you believe I have never had a pincushion? I usually use the "design" bed or the sofa or anything else handy. This is so much better. So, I guess today would be called little projects day.