Friday, May 29, 2009

Ready for binding

I love this quilt. I can't wait to show you the finished piece, someday when I have my energy back to finish it. I particularly like the back. I will show you, I promise. Just let me get the binding on it. I have been meaning to show you this for a bit now, I tried to stipple this one not meander and loop. I miss the loops. I guess I know now.

We had soccer today. It was a beautiful day. Not too hot. Not raining. I am whipped tired, although I slept all afternoon. I cannot believe how much pneumonia can take out of you, even after resting so much. I am tired. I worked yesterday after resting Wednesday and Thursday. That is probably another reason I am tired.

Little Man

Buddy graduated from preschool this week. Isn't he sweet in his cap and gown? It was grins and giggles for him and a bit teary eyed for me.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Look what flew over our house

On Sunday Buddy was playing in the backyard when he yelled inside, "Mama, you gotta come see what is flying over our house."

It was pretty cool. Many thanks for the get well wishes. I have been resting and drinking plenty of fluids. I hope to go back to work tomorrow although I do have quite a cough yet.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Good News and The Bad News

Good news- My CT Scan shows no kidney stones.
Bad news- My abdominal CT Scan luckily showed a lower lung....a lower lung with pneumonia. I am resting. I thought my allergies had stirred up this awful cough, turns out I shouldn't self diagnosis and just take some left over cough syrup the husband had in the medicine cabinet. A big shot of antibiotics was the special of the day at the doctors and I hope it kicks in here anytime soon.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Don't look so surprised, it is an actual project!

So amidst this whole kidney stone fiasco, Mr. Dandelion is on his annual fishing trip to Canada. When he left, we both thought I was on the other side of this and all of the stones had literally been flushed (LOL). My parents came up to enjoy Buddy's soccer game for the weekend and my mom had a couple of projects she needed help with. Luckily, we got right on the projects Friday night while I was still feeling well. These are some towels I embroidered for a graduation present she is giving. I thought they turned out cute. The body towel took 45 minutes to sew (not including hooping) and the hand towel took 15 minutes. I loved the colors she picked out. She also helped me baste a quilt together, so I am ready to quilt it, when I have another good day or 2.

I am feeling pretty good today, so I managed to get to most of your blogs and actually leave a comment or two! It was nice catching up with you and thanks again for all of your support!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Loser Monday and Back to Feeling Miserable

Well, my reprieve from the stones was brief and I was back to hurting Saturday evening. I am still waiting to hear how my test report turns out, but I suspect I already know. It is good for Loser Monday. At least I haven't gained anything. Although you'd think I would lose...except for that night I sent my husband out after cookie dough. Oh yes I did! Didn't you know that cookie dough helps kidney stones? Well, maybe it only helps the cranky wife.

Thanks for all of the travel tips and advice. I am taking it all in. We are planning a late June trip. I am looking forward to it.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Kidney stone update: to make this short, I am feeling better. I have had several imaging tests done and am waiting to hear the results from the latest. I am hoping that there aren't anymore stones sitting in my kidneys waiting to make me miserable or any other obstructions, that the doctor is checking for. Your well wishes made me smile! Thank you, thank you! And a special thank you for the emails, too. I still feel a bit sluggish, and haven't had any energy to tackle any projects. I have been checking in on your blogs, but I will try to get about and make some comments soon!

My mom has wanted to take a trip to NYC for sometime now. She has always said that she would go when she retired. Recently 2 of my friends passed away shortly before their retirement began. I told mom we should go now. We can't always put everything off for the future. We decided to invite a friend and her daughter to join us. I have become the official planner! LOL. . .hopefully we get there okay! We are going to catch a show, take a guided tour, visit the Statue of Liberty, and much more. Do you have any suggestions?

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Birthday Candles and Kidney Stones

Sorry I haven't been blogging. I have been trying to pass a kidney stone since last weekend (which just happened to be my birthday. . .guess what my wish was). My discomfort let up a bit the last couple of days and I went to work, with my heating pad in tow. Today I managed to catch up on some of your blogs a bit. Sorry I haven't been commenting, but you have been entertaining me.

I have some birthday presents to show off, when I get feeling better.