Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pattern review

I have been working on my apron for the apron swap.

Also, here is one my towels to send with it. I also made a dish cloth that says Wash. I thought they were cute. To add the ric rac or not...that is the question. I think I shall.

I was following this pattern

out of this magazine.
Might I add that I felt that this pattern was HARD to follow. I guess I need more diagrams! Or a pattern for dummies! LOL.
Oh dear, and I still need to stitch on the pocket. I had my 'Director of Lining things up Level' help me at about midnight last night. I had it the way I thought was right, but he said I needed a correction. Typically, he is right in these matters. I sewed the pocket on... and it is clearly not level. Perhaps my partner in the swap hasn't had her V8 today??? Probably, no such luck though. So, I ripped it off.
I told the husband, he has been demoted. He told me he didn't have his glasses on. Why are you telling me this now, I say??? LOL

Oh, look at what I found at a quilt shop on the way back from my parent's house recently? Does it remind you of anything?

Did anyone do anything creative over the weekend? I've been busy reading all about proms and weddings! Sounds like fun! We went to an indoor waterpark. Little buddy had a blast. I am worn out, so tootles for now, gals!


Shawnee said...

I sense a prom dress quilt in your future! What a fun blog you have!!

Cheryl said...

The apron is wonderful as well as the twoel, and yes to the rick rac,
but you knew I would say that! As far as anything creative, worked on bindings.

Dawn said...

Your apron is gorgeous...and the ric-rac makes your towels.

Ha! Funny about your 'Director of Lining things up Level'---I have one of those too! (Didn't they know they volunteered for that position when they said 'I do'??!*grin*)

But, you lucky duck! You scored the pattern for that I-want-that-prom-dress-block! I am sooo envious, Dandy!

Cathie said...

Hey! I've seen that quilt lately! And you found the book, how cool!

Just love your blog! I found it by following your link from Dawn's blog.

I'm off now to read more about the Prom... and maybe sing along with Bing. *grin*


Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, that apron looks adorable! And what a fun idea to put wash and dry on a towel and dishrag. Will you share what font you used? I sure like it and I always have a hard time picking script fonts. Thanks for your sweet wedding comments -- I've loved reading them!

Unknown said...

Wonderful apron idea! I can't believe you even got your husband to help!

Mary Anne said...

CUTE apron !!!! ..... and ric rac ... when in doubt, always add the ric rac (that's my motto!) .... and, OH MY GOSH !! a PROM DRESS QUILT !!!HOW STINKIN' CUTE it THAT?!?!?!?!?! (NOT tellin Kitty, though ....)

Camille said...

CUTE apron! And always yes to the ric rac. ;-)