Friday, May 30, 2008

Let's have a purse party

I have still been busy with this magazine.

Only this time, I made this purse.

I love it! The Director (of Lining Things Up Straight) and I bought this fabric on my birthday quilt show/shop spree. Isn't it fresh? I love the pink and browns together. Anyway, the handles are a bit weird, one short, one long...but it is meant to be looped shut like above and carried by the long handle.

Here is an inside shot.

Oh...I should probably say if I liked the pattern or not. It was easy enough to follow, at least for all of you. You all would have laughed me out of blog land when I completely sewed the top shut. I told you, I need patterns for DUMMIES! ;) My seam ripper and I are BFFs.

On the Apronista network, Lucy was collecting aprons for women whose houses were struck by a tornado or out of electricity due to the tornado. So, this is the apron I am sending.

Tootles for now, bloggals! We are off to buy a swingset. Big decisions to be made. THINK about how much material I could buy for the price of a swingset these days! But, I will do anything for buddy.


Nicole said...

Love that bag. When you look inside at the beautiful lining, it has to make you smile!

Nicole said...

I tried emailing you, but for some reason it bounced back to me. I wanted to answer your question about my red and brown quilt you asked about. Would you believe that I cannot remember where I got the idea for that quilt? I know I used a book or a pattern--probably a book, but beyond that my mind is a total blank. If I remember I will let you know!

Dawn said...

Hey, you & I share in the same BFF's---too funny!

Your bag is yummy! (Did you see the contest in the Aug. issue of Amer. Patchwork & Quilting featuring this very bag that you made???) And so glad to hear that you do those silly-sew-the-top-shut-things too!

Have fun with swingset shopping!

Thimbleanna said...

Cute purse! I've always wondered what they look like when the handles aren't wrapped around each other -- funny!