Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Dandy Bag Tutorial

Gather your materials:
Main bag fabric:  1/2 yard of floral fabric (mine is flowers)- non directional prints only
Top of your bag and your bag lining:  3/4 yard of accent fabric (mine is dots)
Bag band:  2 1/2 X Width of Fabric (WOF) (mine is blue)
Handles:  1/3 yard accent fabric (mine is blue)
Pellon Fusible Fleece:  1/2 yard
Pellon Craft Fusible Heavy Weight:  3 inches by 28 inches (or you can just purchase a 1/4 yard)
pinking shears
rotary cutter/mat/ruler

Cut your materials:

Main bag fabric (do not use a directional print here):
24 inches  X 14 1/2 inches

Top of the bag fabric:
WOF X 3 1/2 inches, subcut this piece into 2 pieces that measure 3 1/2 inches X 14 1/2 inches
***special note:  originally I had planned this piece to be bigger, please do not look at the size of my topper in my picture below, it is an inaccurate size.  The size is meant to be 3 1/2 inches X 14 1/2 inches not the size I originally cut mine.

Band of fabric (this is the piece that seperates the top from the main bag fabric):
WOF X 2 1/2 inches, subcut this into 2 pieces that measure 2 1/2 X 14 1/2.  Wrong sides together, iron each piece in half so that is 1.25 inches X 14 1/2 inches. 

Cut 2 of these:  4 1/2 inches X WOF, then trim them so that each handle measures 27 1/2 inches in length. 

Cut 14 1/2 inches X 30 inches.

Pellon Fusible Fleece (Outer bag interfacing):  14 1/2 inches X 30 inches
Pellon Craft Heavy Weight Fusible Interfacing:
cut 2 of these:  1 inch X 27 1/2 inches

Step one:  Assembling the outer bag
On each end (measures 14 1/2 inches) of the main body fabric (right sided up), sandwich the raw edges of your folded/ironed band fabric in between your main body fabric and your top bag fabric (right side down). Pin all 3 layers together.  Below I show you the sandwich on both ends.

Sew each end with a quarter inch seam.

On each end, iron the top of the bag fabric open.  Leave the band fabric pointed towards the main body fabric.

Step two:  Fusing the interfacing and quilting the bag

I fused the fleece to the wrong side of the bag.  I like quilted bags, so then I meandered/stippled small loops all over the outer bag. Be careful not to stipple down the band.  You can easily stipple the main body by lifting up the band fabric while stitching.  Then it will still be "free" and not tacked down.
If you are not comfortable stippling, this is optional.  Your bag will turn out just fine without the stippling.  You can do as much or as little quilting as you want to.  If you wanted to just stitch in the ditch of the band, your bag will turn out just fine that way, too.  After I am done quilting, I like to take my square and make sure my bag is still nice and square.  Sometimes I tidy up the edges a bit. 

Step 3:  Sewing the sides of the outer bag and the inner lining
Fold the bag with right sides together (RST), and pin the sides.  Be sure to match up the seams of the band and the top of the bag, so that you don't end up with an uneven bag. 

Pin in place.  Stitch up each side (I go from the bottom to the top) with a 3/8ths of an inch seam (I just follow my walking foot because it seems wider).  Be sure to reinforce your stitches where you begin and end.  When you are done, reverse the bag and check that your seams line/match up perfectly. 
Repeat with your lining piece except on one side of your lining, you need to leave a 4 to 6 six inch hole.  This will be VERY IMPORTANT later.  You can see below where I place a horizontal pin to remind myself not to sew in between the two pins.

Now you have to box the bottom of your outer bag.  With the bag still inside out, pinch the bottom corner and center the seam.  See below.  It is very important that the seam is centered.
Lay the pinched corner on your cutting board.  You want to measure exactly 2 inches from the tip of the corner and draw a line across the corner of the bag.  This will be your sewing line and will give your bottom a a nice sturdy, square bottom.  Lift up your ruler and pin to secure.  Repeat this process for the other side of your bag and both corners on your lining. 

Go to your sewing machine and sew across the line you just drew on each of the corners of the outer piece and the lining.  Reinenforce your stitching. 
Turn your bag and lining right side out, and check to make sure your corners are nice and square. 
Turn both bags back inside themselves.  Take your pinking shears, leave about an inch seam and trim the corners off to reduce bulk. 

Step 4:  Assemble your handles

Take your handles to your ironing board.  Press both sides in so that they meet in the center of your handle. 
Take your 1 inch strip of Craft Fusible Interfacing and place it under one of the flaps.  Iron in place.

Fold your straps "shut" by folding the entire strap in half.  Now you will have a folded edge and an edge where both of your first folds meet.  Pin this edge shut.  Stitch a quarter inch seam up both sides of your strap.
Turn your outer bag right side out.  Lay it on your cutting board.  Measure 3 inches from the right side seam of your bag. This is where you will place your strap. Pin in place. Repeat on the opposite end of the strap.  Repeat both ends on the backside of your bag.  Baste in place using a 1/8th seam.

Step 5:  Attaching the lining to the outer bag
Leave your outer bag, right side out.  Leave your lining inside out.  Stuff the outer bag inside the lining making sure to stuff your straps down in there too.
You are going to pin the top of the outerbag and the lining together (RST).  Start at the side seams, match the lining seam to the outer bag seam so they fit exactly together. 

Continue pinning around the bag, making sure to match the other side seam as well.
Double check to make sure that you left yourself that opening in the lining for turning your bag when you are done sewing the top.

Take it to your sewing machine, and sew a 3/8th seam around the top.  I usually start on the side seam.  Reinforce your stitching.
Put your hand in the side hole that you left yourself.  Pull your bag out and turn your lining so that you can see the right side of that fabric, too.  Now take care of that hole.  Tuck the raw edges of the hole inside itself, pin it shut, sew close to the edge reinforcing your stitching. 

Hooray you are almost done!  Push the lining inside the bag.  You are going to top sew around the top of your bag.  There are 3 purposes for this:  it keeps the lining in place, makes it look nice and neat, and it reinforces your handles.  Before sewing, I like to pin it.  I think it helps keep the lining in place while sewing. 
Go to your sewing machine and sew about a 3/8th seam around the top.  Be careful not to sew down your handles!  I usually begin on the side seam. 

You are done. I had such a fun time, I made 2 bags today.

Would you like to win one?  Leave a comment stating which bag is your favorite.  I will be giving only one away.  Don't forget Charming Guys and Gals, we will be having a Tote Sewing Party on the 17th!  More details to come.

****This giveaway is now closed.  Thanks for visiting.****


Quilt'n Frenzy said...

I love the blue one! I can't wait to try making one for myself! Thanks for sharing!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Adorable Kris! Thanks for the great tutorial! They're both cute, but love the turquoise!

Allie said...

These are so darling - thank you for a GREAT tutorial! And a give-away too? Well golly. Ok, I'll play - I love them both, but I love the one with the green top best!

joan said...

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Thank you!

Vickie E said...

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great tutorial, thank you. I have some time off next week and I might just give it a try!

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Thanks for a great tutorial!

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Thanks for sharing, I've saved this pattern.

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Green handled one is my fave! Great tutorial Kris. You did an awesome job.

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Oh they are lovely!!!! Do you have the instructions in a PDF file? Looks like a great back to carry back and forth to school.

Thanks so much for sharing!

Peggy said...

Thanks for the tutorial. I love making bags. I like the green one with the pink flowers. When I am finished making a bag I always put a few stitches in the bottom to keep the lining from popping out. Thanks for sharing.

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Great Tutorial! I love the Blue One. This is a great "afternoon" project, that doesn't require too much time commitment.

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Great tutorial! I love the green and pink bag!
I have an ironing board that looks just like yours, I notice the Rowenta iron, does it leak everywhere like mine?!!LOL

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Lovely pattern.

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