Sunday, December 7, 2008

Okay People, What is wrong with this picture?

I should start this post with a bit of a warning. Around our house, when I throw out the 'Okay People' it usually means mama here is in a bit of a mood. It means things are not as they should be. For example, father and child are horseplaying instead of getting around to leave or someone has moved something important. I think you get it.

We all know I have been in a bit of a rut as far as the sewing goes. So, I finally get around to doing MAJOR sewing yesterday and I am already to report only to discover that my husband took the camera on his week long hunting trip. OKAY PEOPLE, how am I supposed to take a picture of my 3 bags I quilted and sewed yesterday? I guess you will have to use your imagination until next weekend, sorry to say.

Did I mention that sewing yesterday felt AWESOME? It really did.

Before I close, a few announcements for the good of the order. . .

1st- Sheri a new blogger and quilt designer, is hosting her first giveaway. She is giving away a darling bag, if you must know, and you won't want to miss out.

2nd- I was tagged by Mary, probably the sweetest blogger out there, and some snowy day I am going to tag some of look out. :) I am thinking about who I am going to tag, in the meantime.

3rd- Just to update you on the Christmas maddness around here, we have made progress. My sewing projects are all done. My presents are all purchased and wrapped. My cookie mix jars are all filled. My tree is up and decorated (which is a long prelit nightmare story, which includes buying a new one in a mad dash to finish it before husband left). We will see what else gets done, but I feel good thus far.

4th- Don't forget to keep checking in over at The Fat Quartershop for their daily Christmas Countdown Markdowns.

Keep it real, people!


PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Can't wait to see the bags! And thanks for the new blogger heads up. I'll go over and say HI!

Jen :)

RG said...

Glad you're back in the swing of things :o)
Looking forward to seeing your bags too!
You go girl :o)

Mary Anne Drury said...

I must say you sound pretty polite with your "mood" ...... I wouldn't have said "Okay people" I probably would have said #@%&*@ !!!!! (but you're probably alot nicer than me!!!)

Anyhow, glad you've climbed out of the sewing rut AND your Christmas decorating/preparations rut .... WOW !!! sssssSSSSSSMMMMMMOKIN' !!!
......and, can't wait to see the pictures when the camera finally makes it home! :)

RG said...

You're msot welcome!!! *big grin*
I'm bagging again too...mmmm...we'll see how this turns out...I'm winging it, as I do with all of my bags
Thanks for popping by my blog too!
Robyn xx

Cheryl said...

Can't wait for the photos. Wow have you been productive. And woohoo my box of goodness from you arrived. I am such a LUCKY winner!
Love everything and I will be posting in a day or two.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I'm jealous that you've been sewing this week - I haven't even been in my sewing room in three weeks! blessings, marlene

Thimbleanna said...

Wow! Those are beautiful bags. I mean, I'm sure they're beautiful bags and I can't wait until we can see them. And Congrats on being so organized for Christmas!