Saturday, January 10, 2009

Table Runner and Pattern Review

Although I am back to work, I still feel like I am on a roll here. I have the top of this table runner done. I was really pleased with myself (for a change) and felt that all of my points looked good on this project. The pattern for this easy table runner is from Heather Mulder Peterson's Little Charmers II pattern.
Pattern Review:
You know I love anything that uses Charms
Good use of diagrams
Good list of required fabrics
Easy to follow written directions
I like that there were 3 options, plus Heather goes on to explain how you could make a quilt using this pattern.
This was a snap to make; I did it late one evening.

I used Nature's Chorus for the colored squares and then a bright white I had in my stash, so the stars would stand out and not blend in. I was quite pleased with that decision, when I was done. I have ended up falling in love with Nature's Chorus, so beware you may be seeing lots of it in future blogs. Its weird though, I wasn't really wild about it when it first came out, but I guess I warmed up to it.

Are you in need of some decorating fabric? You should check out the Fabric Shack because they have a whole bunch of Joel Newbury 54 wide fabrics on sale for under $7.
Yes, I cashed in on that. I have a bag in mine I needed some heavier fabric for. That is quite the savings. Also, they have changed their shipping policies (at least for domestic requests) $5 flat rate for orders up to $75, which I also thought was quite the deal.


PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Very nice tablerunner. I love your fabric choice and how the stars jump out at you. Very sharp looking!


Regi said...

Love the runner, the stars look excellent! Nice job!

Pat said...

Love your runner. Very pretty.

Carol said...

I have this pattern and have never used it. Now that I see yours I just had to get some of the Natures Chorus charms for myself and finally make this cute table runner.

Mary Anne Drury said...

Well those are just the pointiest points !!!! LOVE that table runner!!! (and thanks for the heads up on the fabric bargain!)

.....and , as always, thanks for the visit over at my blog!

.....and, I'll hold your hand if you hold my hand with this weight loss challenge .... our "Diet Master" means business!!!!! LOL !

Terri S said...

I have that pattern and I've made the other two runners, but not the star one yet. I love the pattern and will use it again!! Yours is beautiful!!

Sheri Howard said...

Sorry, I haven't been on very many blogs lately, I wanted to say I love that star table runner, I love stars, just something about them that makes me happy. Sounds like you will be successful with your weight challenge! Put in some walking everyday, that is what made a difference for me, the everyday part! You can do IT!!!!!!!!!!! Happy New Year!

Janet, said...

Your runner is very pretty. I like the one in the middle of the picture, also. Good luck on counting your points.

Vanessa said...

Oh wow, I love this design - I think I might have to copy it! Your points all look really good too!