Monday, March 10, 2008

A quilt giveaway that you should check out!

Sorry to say that I am not the person with this fabulous giveaway, however, she asked all her blogger friends to post a link celebrating her 200th blog-aversary. So, if you would like to be entered for a free quilt or other goodies then you need to head on over to If you mention my Dandelion Quilts blog, then I am entitled to some extra entries. So, please do! :) And congratulations to the Old Red Barn Company for her nearly 200th blog!


Dana said...

Oh yipee!!! Thank you for posting about my quilt give away. Since you did your name will be entered 5 extra times in the contest drawing! Keep in mind that the contest won't officially start until my 200th post --which should be in a few days. That post will give all the details so be sure to check back.

Love your blog . . . and all your beautiful quilts!

Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoyed reading your blog and will be back soon. I love all your beautiful quilts. They are gorgeous!!