Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Binding Away

So, I guess this has been a week of binding. You already saw the finished baby quilt; this is my nephew's quilt for his fifth birthday. You cannot really see it, but the brown diamond is actually football material. The long arm quilter quilted footballs on it. I am pleased with it. (Let's hope the 5 year old is!) Although I didn't notice the annoying blue combination in the center block until it came back from the quilter...of course. I was trying not to get stuck in red, blue, red pattern...ended up with a clump of blue. Oh well. I cannot undo it now.

I have been catching up on Friends episodes while stiching away! Oh, I just laugh and laugh! I am in midst of Season 9. It took me up to Season 8 to finally figure out that is one of the seasons I missed. What do I like about Friends? Is it the friends themselves? Yes, each one reminds me of someone I know. Is it the humor? Yes, it is some good writing. Is it the setting? I'll admit that I do love that coffee house atmosphere. I certainly enjoy laughing. I need to finish up another project so I have more binding to do, while binding.

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Dawn said...

He is going to love his quilt! You did a wonderful job with the blocks & colors.

Man! How do you get all of those quilts done????? I envy you.

P.S. The purse pattern from my post is actually a mish-mash of other patterns that I just kinda put together because the other bags were too small; too narrow; too whatever!....*grin* and I just cut & paste the things I liked from each bag to come up with a workable pattern.