Thursday, March 13, 2008

Guess what was in my mailbox???

New Fabric....feel the rush as you run inside to rip it open to see your presents...I mean purchases! Ahhh, it is so fun, so fresh, so fabulous, and it is going to be a TOOOO CUTE apron. Almost makes you feel like logging back on and buying some more. It is almost a disease.

Seriously though, Kimberly at The Fat Quarter Shop runs a fabulous business. Great fabrics, great selection, fair prices, good correspondence, and terrific packaging. Also, the blog there is having a word scramble right now with some free goodies. You should check it out...although #1 is really stumping me.


Unknown said...

Love your new fabrics, they are wonderful and fun! I wanted to respond to your comment on my "stinkin' cute bag" but couldn't find an e-mail for you on your profile. I have some suggestions if you would like to make and some corrections in their pattern. Send me an e-mail and I'll let you know.

Miss Jean said...

I just discovered your blog. Your quilting is beautiful. I'll be visiting often.