Friday, January 6, 2012

Accessory Bag Swap Sign Ups

Wow!  I have heard from a lot of fun ladies for the swap.  I've just been collecting the information, but I know you will want to double check.  So, to give you piece of mind here is my current list:

Jen W.
Helen M.
Wendy C.
Robin M.
Mary Ann B.
Melinda F.
Naomi V.
Traci K.
Narelle L.
Michelle K.
Judy C.
Nicole H.
Kim S.
Jen S.
LeAnn H.
Liz B.
Mary S.
Mary W.
Leslie L.
Mary Grace M.
Jessica T.
Carla F.
Heather O.
Janet K.
Michele A.
Sharon P.
Kathy H.
Carol L.
Margeret R.
Melinda C.

Due to overwhelming response, I am CLOSING registration for this swap. 
I will be emailing out partner information very soon.  Until then, happy sewing.


sunny said...

Due to my current life circumstances, I am not signing up for any swaps this year. However, I might be making some of the items for myself, and this is one of them! What a great idea!

Mary said...

I did post about you and your swap on my blog. I thought it was such a lot of fun.

Allie said...

I'm not joining in, but I will really enjoy seeing all the fun!

Michele said...

I just emailed you my sign up information, so I'm not on the list, but I hope you got my info. I'm planning on doing a post about the swap and I might use the picture on your post unless you don't want me to.