Sunday, July 6, 2008

New Book Review and A Story About Poop

So, on my way back from my folk's house last week I stopped at a quilt shop. I picked up this book from Fig Tree Quilts. It's themed: houses. In general, I'd have to admit that I like themes. Themes for parties, themes for rooms, themes for gifts, themes for movie sorting boxes, I think you get the drift.

The store had a sample made up of this house bag. Shockingly, I think I liked the store sample's color choices better than the books. I say shockingly because I LOVE FIG TREE QUILTS' color choices. Perhaps the bag is cuter in person than in a book?

I saw the bag. Now, that is another thing I am crazy about: bags. So I asked if it came from a book and this is how I the book ended up in my hands.

I flipped lightly through the book, not sure how I felt about house quilts. I don't think I've seen many house quilts. It was right about at this moment when Buddy announces to the entire store that he has to POOP. As usual, I have a moment of feeling like I could die on the spot. I gently remind him that he could just say that he has to go to the bathroom (as I would guess he has to POOP because he always grabs his butt) and I grab his hand and we are off to the potty. I know, because this is always the case, that the next time it will be another GRAND announcement of POOP again versus bathroom, but I try to change the coarse of history regardless.

So, when I came out of the bathroom, I grabbed the book and bought it...deciding that surely I would learn to love house quilts...and we were back on the road. Since I have literally flipped and read over this book for hours, I would say that I am now officially addicted to house quilts. In fact, one of the quilts I particularly like has some hand applique, which I have said for months that I want to try, and I love Joanna's directions. I am ready! Bring it on! (The cover quilt has some applique and so does the last quilt.) I love many of the quilts in the book, but here are a couple that I especially like.


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

That book looks great, I will have to look out for it. Thanks for sharing the funny story about how you came to purchase it!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Oh he's so much better than my granddaughter who announces to everyone "I'm poopy!" only after the fact. I love house quilts - haven't done a whole one (did one block one time) but it's way high on my want to do list. Have fun with it! I bet you will love applique. Blessings, marlene

Thimbleanna said...

Ah, enjoy those announcements of poop -- they make everyone giggle and soon they'll learn how to be more polite and you'll wish you could hear poop now and then. I love house quilts and I'd love to make one!

Mary Anne said...

I have that book and I LOVE IT !!! (haven't made anything from it yet, but that's OK ... just having it within view as I fly past it with another load of smelly laundry takes me to my happy place) ... oh, and LOVED the Poop story! (I can relate .... having 2 boys .... and , now that they're teenagers the descriptive public announcements continue , for example: "who cut one?" .... and much more!! My life with 2 teenage boys and their buddies is like living in one giant locker room/barn .... ENJOY !!! there's more fun ahead!!)

Cheryl said...

Wanted to let you know that I had a public poop announcer kid! Now at 28 I haven't heard him do that...well maybe his wife has, but not me!! Great post!

Mary said...

Found your blog, love it! Oh, I love Fig Tree Quilts too! I bought that book about 1 month ago and am still marveling at the projects!! Some day...I will get to making one of those quilts! Love when you get a new Quilt Book, Hugs, Mary I am from the Midwest Too!!