Monday, June 9, 2008

The Mailman Really Delivers

Whoa, what a hectic week we've had here at DQ. Amidst all the busyness at work this week, and who could forget to mention swingset construction, I had a couple of nice deliveries at my doorstep!

The first I'd like to mention is that I received my lovely Sassy Summer apron from Karen.

This is my first time taking part in the SWAP and it was a lot of fun. The theme was summer. Karen used this material that reminded her (and me) of a summer picnic blanket. I thought the design was just darling and she did a great job. I love the double row of ric rac. I've already wore it twice! She also sent along some towels and these potholders, quite sweet of her! Thanks, Karen!

The second package was a little something from Dawn. She is just so creative...even her card matched the fat pack and the ribbon!

I was quite tickled...and went bounding out to the construction site to share my news. Husband who had been working in the 90 degree, high humidity heat all day...perhaps had difficulty expressing his equal enthusiasm over the gift. Hmm.

Oh, my final and gift I received was that my husband, dad, and father in law worked so diligently on the swingset for buddy. Here are some pictures of bud sitting on his swing eating a popsicle yesterday.

Later I will post a picture of buddy's quilt that I stayed up late to get the borders on last night. We are off today to buy some backing material so that it can get off to the quilter's where she can work her magic. I am quite pleased with the look that the borders added.


Cheryl said...

Great construction job, and the pictures of Buddy .... priceless!! Love that apron and the rick rac of course!

Mary Anne said...

What a cute apron! And what a cute kid on his cool new swing set!!!

Thimbleanna said...

Well, you're just not approaching this apron thing with the hubby correctly. If you want him to get excited about it, you have to either a) offer to let him wear it, or b) promise him that you'll wear it "scantily clad"! Cute apron!

Karen said...

Oh...I really hope you liked your looked really cute...but let's just say I am still getting used to 'sewing' seam allowances as opposed to 'quilting' seam allowances!

Dawn said...

It looks like such fun at your house....I'll be over with my brood to enjoy your new swingset!

You are soooo welcome for the fat quarters. Of course, my package from you was much, much better! Love it and can't wait to do the applique and make that darling-I-absolutely-love-that-bag! And even tho husbands may not share in the enthusiasm, they know--"if mama ain't happy, nobody's happy!" *grin*

Enjoy your wonderful family time outside!