Friday, April 11, 2008

The tale of the hail, tornadoes, and the new machine

That's right we have had awful weather today. Just terrible. Rain. Hail. The meteorologists calling for tornadoes. No joke.

Don't worry, it didn't stop me from getting my machine. Although, I did get on the road well before it all started to hit. The family and I went into town to get the machine. I had a really brief lesson threading it. Mr. "I am 3 and I am bored here" was getting a bit of ants in the pants, so I will go back for more lessons another time. Then we grabbed some lunch. then Mr. "Wonderful husband who bought me this nice machine" went looking for a new quilt store that I finally got wind of. That was loads of fun. What a nice shop, too. They had everything! Lots of fun things....Cherry Baby, Moda, moda, moda, that cool apron book that Mary Anne was using. Tons of neat things...loads of cool fabric! I didn't buy a thing! Oh believe me, it was hard! It was really hard.

But, I was waiting because my friend, Bev and I have this quilt shop trip planned in about 2 weeks. SO, I am standing in this awesome shop thinking maybe Bev would rather save gas and just come here for the morning. When I hear Bev, say my name! Telepathy??? No, I turn around and there she fun is that??? We both agreed that we would come back to that shop and have fun there instead. Mr. 'I am 3 and it is my nap' was calling.

So, we headed home and that is when all the bad weather hit. I was laying in bed (taking a nap so I could unpack my machine and get some sewing done) and I heard hail and the tornado alarm sounding. I turn on the tv...I kid you not, they have not a thing about it. Two minutes later they say we will have a suspicious funnel cloud passing by in 10 minutes. It never did.....and they cancelled the warning. I suspect they were a bit late in their reporting. Luckily, it didn't matter much.

Miss Jean asked that I post pictures of the new gal in town. Miss Jean is just so sweet and I am happy to oblige!

I did some sewing on Buddy's quilt and I am happy to report that I really like the machine. Did I mention I get unlimited owner's classes for life and 1 year of creative sewing classes for free! I am going next week for some help on the embroidery.


Dawn said...

Have fun with your new machine---I am soooo jealous.

Cheryl said...

Your new machine is a beauty. So glad you are OK and weather didn't affect you too much.

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Have fun with the new machine...hope the wind didn't blow you away. Love your NYB blocks.