Saturday, April 12, 2008

Random Facts About Me

Dawn tagged me to share 7 facts of randomness about myself. ;)

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Random Facts About Me:

1. When I was a kid, I was in 4-H. This is where I first learned to sew. I made a peach apron. What do I still like to sew today? Yup, aprons. BTW- I earned a blue ribbon on that. I also did quite a bit of cross stitch. BTW- my mom became group leader because I wanted to be in 4-H and the leader was retiring. She is the world's greatest mom. She also taught the kids baking in our house.

2. I then had home economics with the best teacher in the world. I sewed a pair of shorts and a jumper. Along with baking all kinds of fun things. This was the end of sewing for me for about 10 years.

3. A year or so after I as married, my friend (and dear college roommate) Billie and I were having a conversation about how I loved quilts. She told me that her aunt held these quilt in a day classes at a church and that I should come. She assured me that all I had to do was sew straight. My dad helped me buy my first machine ($200) and my husband was sure it would sit in the closet forever. I went to the all day event (8 AM to 11 PM) and had a lot of fun. I left with a hand tied Trip Around the World quilt. I came home inspired. I made some curtains and a shower curtain for my bathroom. I put the machine away and that was pretty much that.

When buddy was 1 1/2, I went back to the all day class and made another quilt. This is when I became a quilter at my home. I started sewing much more at home. I made room in my guest room to leave my machine up all the time and I have found that this has enabled me to just jump on it for 20 minutes or so whenever I want. That is basically how I learned to quilt.

4. My favorite treat is a frozen mocha or chai. I love that. Although. I will try just about any coffee beverage and sometimes warm mochas hit the spot, too. I have been known to travel well off the beaten path for some good coffee or some good quilting.

5. I have read Gone With The Wind about 5 times. I just love the dynamics between Rhett and Scarlett. I like the companion novel, Scarlett. However, I recently read and hated the new book, Rhett Butler's People. The author chose to just ignore all of Margaret Mitchell's work. I love the movie. I particularly love the dresses of the time. Who could wear a corset? I have a large plate collection (pitifully still at my parent's house) of GWTW dresses. Someday I suspect they will be on Ebay. I also have been to Atlanta and visited the Margaret Mitchell Museum.

6. I love Mr. Darcy.

7. I love to bake. Recently I made this, and this, and this is a family favorite only I use cool whip for the frosting. All of them are very good, quick, and easy. Need a quick no bake dessert that everyone will rave about? Try this.

I am tagging a few people...frankly, I doubt that I have 7 to tag that haven't already been tagged. I apologize if anyone has already been tagged and you won't hurt my feelings if you don't do it again. ;)

I have officially tagged:

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You'll be inspired by all of these pages whether they are busy with spring planting, quilting up a storm, walking for a cause, or trying to start a new life.


Unknown said...

Thanks so much for sharing! I am definitely going to have to try that last dessert...the eclair one! It looks so yummy and is right up my alley.

Cheryl said...

Thanks for tagging me! I will have to ponder this for a bit :-)!
Also, I was reading back through your blog and saw the cute bibs you made. I was wondering what pattern you used? I am going to be a new grandma in July/August and would love to make some.

CONNIE W said...

We have some things in common, I see, from your list. Sewing, 4-H, GWTW, Mr. Darcy. I don't often drink coffee drinks but I love black freshly brewed coffee and the frozen ice cream coffee drinks at some of the fast food places.
Happy Sunday.

Mary Anne said...

Thanks so much for tagging me !!! I'll try and get to it as soon as possible, but I'm having tons and tons of computer problems (that will hopefully be fixed sooner rather that later !)

P.S. thanks for all your nice comments on my blog ..... and LOVEd your list ..... I made an apron in Home Ec too ..... a horrendous ORANGE paisley number ....