Friday, April 25, 2008

Mom's day off

So, I had the day to myself, can you believe it? Unbelievable ! I feel like a new woman. Don't get me wrong, I like my job, I love my family, but this was a fun day. I started off to town (my husband laughs when I say that 'to town' but that is what we always said when I was growing up).

Look who decided he had to come along? I think he was hoping we were going to run into that Miss Kitty.

So, Rexy and I were going to go to that quilt shop I discovered the other day, but then I got side tracked by a few stores. Next thing I know, I have spent 3 hours at other how time flies. That Rexy sure does get crabby about 'non-scheduled' stops. He got really bent of out shape because he thought I said we were going to Bones and Nibble... not Barnes and Noble.

Anywhoo, we went to Target, JoAnns (where someone was kind enough to give me a coupon for my stabelizer...thanks, if you are out there), my sewing shop (where I bought sale fabric - 50% off), Barnes, TJ Max, Old Navy, and then I finally made it to the quilt shop. (Enter the dramatic music)

Just look at all of the cute stuff on display! Isn't this just a great shop!

I bought some of that Moda Simplicity fabric for my new purse and new wallet patterns. I found a couple of cute patterns (some I have seen blogging around), a new tool, and again, I hit the jackpot on some sale fabric. FYI- some cute pillowcases and aprons coming right up. Well, that was a LOT of fun.

Rexy was getting really anxious to get home. He didn't want to miss The Old and the Boney, what is up with that guy watching soaps?

That leaves me with just one last thought.... I think someone wants to ask Miss Kitty to the prom! Don't tell him I said so though, he'll bite my head off.

Editor's note: Thanks for all the birthday love bloggals! My birthday is actually Weds., but as I told my birthday celebration actually encompasses a week, not just a day.


Miss Jean said...

You have given me "permission" to schedule a "me" day this coming week! What a wonderful idea. We all need this in our lives once in a while (or more often)!

Does Rex want to come along? We can stop at Dinosaur Smart for toys and have lunch at the Hungry Hunter!

Mary Anne said...

Yeah for you .... a day off!!!

.....and, that REX is one hot dino .... I think Miss Kitty will be quite flattered!

Liz said...

Ahhhhh... Days off are a beautiful thing. I know *exactly* what you mean about loving your family but wanting a day off occasionally!

Nicole said...

Isn't having a day all to yourself just the best? I think you definitely made the most of it!

Dawn said...

Oooookay.....I wAnT that Abbey's Treasure Box! That is adorable! And between you, Rex, Mary Anne and Miss Kitty---sheesh! You guys have me laughing out loud.

Email me (sewritzytitzy[at]gmail[dot]com) and I will send a pic on how easy it is to piece those silly, perfect triangles.

Unknown said...

Looks like the perfect day to me. My 2 favorite stores...Bones and Nibble, uh Barnes and Noble and a quilt shop. Now if there was food involved it would be unbeatable!