Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lucky Me

First of all, it has been a very busy week. I feel like crazy mama on the run! I just want to thank each of you for all the quilt love. I'm so lucky to have all of your great feedback, it keeps me sewing. A gal couldn't ask for better blog friends! You're right buddy was thrilled with his quilt. His friend came over to play the next day, and he took her right in, spread out his quilt, and told her to check out his new quilt his mama made. Of course, I heard this from the next room and I couldn't help but feel like I was the luckiest mama in the world. That little man is such a joy.

Speaking of luck, check out my loot I won over to Pat's blog Bits and Pieces!

She was participating in that huge Fall Blogger Giveaway that was so much fun. I was so excited to see the package on the kitchen counter when I arrived home today, that I almost knocked husband down on the way. Look out when there's loot, that's all I will say about that. The truffles are so yummy. There is a cute table runner kit, some Halloween fat quarters (yessiree!), some Best Press (I love that stuff), and a real cute little decoration for Halloween. I think the DQ photographer forgot that someone already put that in a display around the house. You'll have to trust me, it was just cute. Thanks so much, Pat, for the generous giveaway!

Speaking of giveaways. . .This marks blog number 96, only 4 more until my 100th blog-i-versary. So, keep checking back in and I'd best get sewing on my little giftie that I am going to giveaway!


StitchinByTheLake said...

What a wonderful gift! I know what you mean about knocking your husband down to get to the package - mine has learned to put packages on my desk, then tell me they are there when he's well out of the way! blessings, marlene

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Very nice prize. I love when there are packages for me. I expecting a few to arrive in a few days. Can't wait. It's like Christmas!

Jen :)

Dawn said...

You're right -- we are the luckiest mamas when our children just melt out hearts w/ something that we made for them. And your quilt is buddy-licious.

And congrats to your goodies! With your wonderful posts and projects, Dandy -- you are soooooo deserving.

Unknown said...

Something about a package in the mail brings out the child in us, is'nt it fun! Such a nice pile of loot, LOVE the pattern and could really go for a bite of that truffle bar right now! Buddys quilt is wonderful, now he will be all snuggled up in love.

Vickie E said...

You were lucky! congrats...I've met Pat Sloan and she's as great in person as on her blog.