Saturday, September 6, 2008

Soccer Mom

Whhew, what a week we've had. Buddy had his first day of school. He loves school and that makes my heart sing. In fact, my husband heard 2 really nice reports about him on Friday. Both teachers told him what a good listener he is and that he sits well and does whatever you ask of him. He is good boy.

Now, that I am back to work too. . .there is little (actually no) sewing to report. Although, I did join the Polka Dots and Rick Rack swap over at Red Geranium Cottage. I can't wait to find out who my partner is and get started. I know that will get me back to the machine! I also have had some shopping therapy! The Director took me on a road trip and along the way we hit 2 different quilt shops, that both turned out to be WONDERFUL finds, and 1 HUGE hunting store, not quite so thrilling but not too painful either.

Here are some of my goodies from the second shop, Jennifer's Quilt Shop. I hope you are sitting down for this. . .I paid less than $2 a fat quarter at this shop. That's right, they are $2 a piece or 11 fats for $20! What a great price and I did ask, it is their normal price. Their yardage was quite reasonable, too. I put the card in each photo in case any of you fabric hounds are looking for something specific and you might want to give them a ring. I have no idea if they do phone orders, but I must say they were very friendly and accomodating, considering the 4 year old was running around the fabric labryinth with his 2 dragons fighting each other and the husband was chasing him. So, here are some odds and ends fats.
Here is a log cabin kit I purchased.
I also picked up this yardage at another shop in a clearance room.
Oh, and here is my find of the week. Joann's was having half off notions sale and guess what, this Side Winder rang up for half off!
I love that it is pink. I was floored at the power that little thing has. . .don't underate it.

We finished the week with buddy's first soccer practice and game. Of course, he swims in his uniform. I had to put the most ugly darts in the shorts just to keep them up. I am not a seamstress. Feel free to give me tips.
Oh they are so precious out there! I should back up and give a little history. At the parent's meeting, the coach was a bit late and it was 90 degrees out. I sat there for about an hour and all of a sudden I had to go to the bathroom URGENTLY. Obviously, all that water had kicked in. So, that is how I nominated the Director and me for game supervisors....because that was the last item on the agenda and it was obvious we weren't leaving until we had game supervisors. My hand shot up in the air and we were outta there! Luckily, I made it to the bathroom. What a story to share for the world to see, I know. So, you can see the husband doing his role.
How cute is that little "I scored my first goal, hand pump"?


Thimbleanna said...

Awww, your little soccer star is just adorable! Love the fabrics you got -- especially the cupcake one. And the Christmas prints next to it -- I'm getting ready to start some Christmas projects and I think I have some of those prints!

Tine said...

How wonderful to be excited about school! That must be so great...
What beautiful fabrics you found. And a sidewinder! I have been wondering about those, but you like it?

Lisa said...

Great fabrics and stuff!!!! cute photos of the soccer player!