Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Book and a Bag

Summer seems to be sailing away quite quickly.

I read this Elm Creek Quilters book, The Winding Ways Quilt this past week. It was very good. If you are not familiar with this fictional series about a group of quilters, you should check it out. They always a have a good plot involving friendships, traditions, and quilting. I believe the first book is called The Quilter's Apprentice.

Mom was up and wanted to make a BIG tote to carry her clothes to and from curves or maybe have a bag she could pack on set of over night clothes. BIG she wanted, big she got.

I thought it turned out really nice. She did all of the sewing on this one and I just did the directing. We didn't even use a pattern this time. Don't mind the bottom there, it just has been pushed out in one corner. The bag still needed cardboard in the bottom.

I am in the progress of a couple of bags myself, hopefully I finish them soon.


Anonymous said...

I'm an Elm Creek Quilters fan too, and this book is one of my favorites of the series. Reading about the fictional group was the inspiration I needed to form a mini-group in 2003.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I've collected this series of books and have enjoyed them all - a welcome respite from the violence, etc. so prevalent in today's literature. Loved the big bag - that would be a great size for an overnight bag. Blessings, marlene

Mary Anne said...

....and, I'm also a BIG Elm Creek Quilter's book fan too .... I love reading books that make me feel like I'm visiting Mayberry ... Jan Karon's "Mitford" books are also a nice hometowny feeling book.

Cheryl said...

I just love the Elm Creek books. Great bag. Thanks for the kind comment about our new little addition. I already have done tons of rocking and lovin on him!!!
Great day to you.

Dawn said...

I love reading her books---man, I swear she's a fly on my wall with how she can write about things that mimic my life.....scary.

Your mom's BIG bag is beautiful. Can't wait to see your bags, too.

Dana said...

I've read most the those books but not this one. I'll have to look for it.

Amanda Jean said...

I just read the 3rd one this summer. I enjoy the books, too.

Anonymous said...

I am reading the The Winding Ways Quilt book right now. I love this series of books. Your bag looks great, too.