Saturday, May 3, 2008

Color Challenge- Yellow

Cottage Magpie has issued a color challenge to her fans to capture their favorite yellow objects in their house. I thought this was a fun task. If you wish to participate, you have until May 4th.

Here are some of my favorites. 1. a yellow baby blanket from when I was a mom saved several handmade gifts from then are regifted them to me at my shower. It was a great surprise and I have saved all of them and 2 of Brady's to do someday when he becomes a daddy. 2. and 3. Daisies....white daisies are my favorites, but yellow are equally cheerful. 4. plate 5. small decorative plate my college roommate gave me 6. a great picture book I just know you'd all love if you read it, The Quilt Maker's Journey


Dawn said...

Love your stroll through the yellow in your house.

We spotted our first dandelion yesterday & I thought of you right away!

Mary Anne said...

Ooohhh ! I LOVE yellow!! (my entire house is yellow ...literally.... the siding is yellow! AND I have a yellow kitchen ! But, since today is May 5th, I guess I missed the "post yellow things" thing ...

ANYHOW, I wanted to tell you the mailman brought me a VERY nice package today .... from YOU!!! THANKS, THANKS, THANKS!!! I LOVE the apron and all the fun goodies --- how did you know I'm such a fan of RED RIC RAC , etc ?!?!