Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A bit of monkeying around

We spent the last few days at my parent's house. We had a nice visit. My mom was invited to go to a Sock Monkey Making Party. I was lucky enough to get to tag along. It was a good time...a nice group of ladies sewing, greats sweets to eat, and these cute little monkeys.

I still need to embellish mine and I have some ideas. I will post the final project when I get it done.

In other project related news, I did get the binding done on Judy's quilt. Here is the big ta-da on that!

And finally, the countdown is on for the Charming Girls' Quilting Club July finish. Unfortunately I have been gone most of July, which I was not planning on. So, I am going to shift it into gear and try to get as much done as I can, but with company coming for the weekend and a birthday party to prepare for...I am hesitant to say I will meet the deadline with my second project. Not a very good start for me. Not good at all. I spent the afternoon sewing, and am pleased to say I did get the Keyholes' quilt top done. I also would say if I hadn't joined the club that this quilt top would not have been finished before the end of the month, at least. I will show you the top at the end of the month...hopefully I will have some how managed a miracle and finished the cottage quilt, too. Hmm. We will see.


Unknown said...

Sock monkeys are so fun and funny! I love them. What a wonderful finish for you. I just love it when the binding is all on and now the quilt is ready to be cuddled with over and over.

Carol said...

Great finish! Don't stress over your second sometimes just happens.

Tracy said...

I love the sock monkeys, I still have mine from when I was little...Years ago, I used to keep him in the living room sitting on a rocking chair but I also have four boys and that monkey would be in some strange positions when I'd come into the room so I had to put him away!
Love the quilt in your post!

Anonymous said...

No stressing...quilting is to be fun and not stressful! I love that fabric in your finish!