Monday, January 7, 2008

Tutu much fun

Our friends came for a visit this weekend and I put together this quick no sew tutu. Isn't it cute?

Project Directions:

2 yards of light pink tuelle

2 yards of dark pink tuelle

1 yard of ribbon

You'll need to trip fabric to the right length for your subject's waist, to tie a bow and leave a bit of room for growth. Using your rotary cutter, cut the tuelle into 6 inch strips WOF. Bring the looped end of the tuelle above your ribbon. Loop the raw edges of the tuelle thru the loop (making sure to go around ribbon). Tie tuelle like this in a light pink, dark pink, light pink pattern. Tie end knots on both side of the ribbon so that the tuelle won't slide off. You're finished, just wrap the skirt around your model and tie it in the back!

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